Moving The Bonsai.

After much thought I have decided that I shall do away with my current Bonsai display house, and create an area in and around the main patio. Lots of reasons really, next door have three mahoosive Silver Birch and the way they have grown means I get all the catkins from late winter early spring through Summer, followed by leaf drop; which, with Silver Birch goes on all summer and autumn. It just makes a mess of the current display area and the trees.

Secondly, it really is quite a way away from the property and whilst alarmed, it is a two fold thing; security and the distance. By moving the trees to an area that I spend most of my time means I no longer have to make the effort to go to the display house, or indeed in winter when watering is virtually not required; this way I get to see them all the time and can study form and future shape more easily.

So with no real plan in mind …yet. I thought I would move a small amount of stands and trees to the area that will become their new home. Sun is fine, lots of it and plenty of shaded spots too. I have a structure of sorts to build, a pond or significant water feature, take back some of the lawned area to create a bigger overall display surface; rip up this patio and lay a new one, and anything else I come up with.

With this in mind and no particular plan as of now, I have been busy with help, bring them across to start to get used to them being here all the time. I must say, I wish I had done it years ago. Too much tunnel vision methinks.

New start then below.

View from property daytime living area.

6 thoughts on “Moving The Bonsai.

    1. Mike Jones

      Cheers Neil, yes, at least I have made a start. Now to live with it and see what evolves as I keep looking. At least this way I see them every day 🙂


  1. Great idea Mike. My display is just outside the window where I sit at the computer. Being able to view them from warmth and comfort is the way to go. It’s amazing just how many design ideas I have come up with while staring out of the window.

    1. Mike Jones

      Ian, I thought of what you had said over time and this must have stuck in my mind. Out of sight was actually (I’m ashamed to say) was out of mind. I’ve had the big JWP in place now for several days and even in this short time, constant staring, or walking through, I keep seeing things or ideas. Collectively I have probably spent six to eight hours on the tree, since being just outside. That is more than I spent all year on it. OK well maybe not but your point is a great one. Ideas are flowing well, and many have come from friends via forums etc. Each makes you think and consider. I’m aware of a huge Acer Palmatum Dissectum near Bristol for sale (garden display plant, not bonsai) fifty years old, very big trunk and under five feet in height. Green type not Atropurpuream; trouble is it is not cheap. Oh what the heck, you only have one life 🙂

    1. Mike Jones

      🙂 I am Michael; I am disabled too.Working through pain is good for me; it actually takes my mind of said pain. I have lost almost three stone over the previous eight months so I am just not going to give in to it. When I do it will be time to call it all a day.


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