Keeping the JWP ‘drier’ than usual

Because I Really don’t want the same problem as last year … and the year before, I’m doing all I can to keep my JWP’s drier this winter. Have done this in previous years, and found a much better overall response coming out of winter.

So … with the aid of some base vented plastic, I have made a start. 80mm of rain fell today here in the West Country; at least I have managed to stop some of it soaking the roots. If it was a bit lighter I’d simply put it under cover. Upsides are obvious but I prefer as much natural light as possible for this species even through winter time.

6 thoughts on “Keeping the JWP ‘drier’ than usual

  1. Eric

    We’ve been lucky here – a few hours light rain then dry for two days seems to be the pattern.
    Had our first frost on Saturday, and that’s just weird.
    I’ll be in Manchester over the holidays, but I don’t think I’ll bother taking the thermals !

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