Small JWP

My much smaller and younger JWP, was to all intents and purposes, displaying exactly the same symptoms as the much larger and older one. At the same time as re-potting the large one I immediately decided that a full on re-pot should be carried out on this smaller version. Again, same MO with 100% root prune and hard I might add. No rinsing of roots as I allowed it to become pretty dry indeed. This benefits greatly as long as you get it right. Soil just falls away.

Much of the original beneficial mycorrhizal fungi was reintroduced and in direct contact with all cut areas of old roots. Much the same then as the larger version; black and dead roots. So at the same period (8 months ish on) health has fully returned, as has that beautiful blue green that five needle pines have.

The second image taken just a few days ago. During the next 12 months I will be thinning out and spending much type on shape. It was always a thought to recreate a miniature version of the much larger one. This first image was during Summer 2010; you can clearly see the difference in health and colour between each image.