Thrush Sadly Didn’t Make It.

Sadly today I took the decision to dismantle the beautiful nest and bury the one remaining Thrush baby complete with bed. I’d noticed virtually no movement for 48 hours but wondered if it was coincidence every time I took a peep.

This afternoon I could clearly see the baby Thrush was not breathing; so did the deed. Sure it could have gone in the recycling bin, but I’d been there all the way since the nest was built and felt rather sad having to call it a day. I found a nice spot, so that sadly is the end of that adventure. 😥

I suppose the upside is all soil surfaces have remained untouched for the same 48 hour period and I can at least spend some time (as I did this afternoon) in the display area.

So with many looking like bushes (which actually does no harm whatsoever), I shall get the place looking half decent again.

I still find it rather saddening though. I can only put it down to the colder weather; or Mum Thrush did not get enough food for the little one. I guess I’ll never really know.