Satsuki Now in Flower

I purchased this small Satsuki in 2010, specifically around late April. At that time it really had little training and was rather untidy and in need of some care but, never-the-less for the small sum involved it appealed to me and I felt something could be done.

I re-potted during early March 2011 and prior to this time I had extensively worked on it to start a shape. the current pot was more of an experiment and is not perfect but does fit reasonably well … for now.

I purchased a rather nice pot from China Mist at this years BoBB and it is my intention to re-pot again either 2012 or 2013. Much will depend on health and what winter we get.

After the winter of 2010/2011 the tree really had very little left, aside from the buds you could be forgiven for thinking it was a deciduous variety. Still, I worked hard re-building and making it strong.

Normally I would not permit a Satsuki to flower in the same season as a re-pot. Note, I re-potted prior to flowering. I have however removed just over two-hundred flowers heads prior to the last image below. This is not only sensible for the health of the Azalea but also allows what is left to open up. So often all the flowers are left on and it just ends up a flowering mess. I say this because so often by leaving all flowers on the tree they simply do not have room to open, and you lose the beauty of each flower.

This is the tree when it arrived to me which was the ‘offering’ image.

After some work during 2010.

And finally after further work, some bud stripping, wiring etc, here is the Azalea this week (June 2011).