Bonsai Oak Birdnest Images as Promised.

Had to be really quick, no flash, not really time to do anything other than a few quick snaps. I so didn’t want to disturb them. First thing they did was instinctively open their beaks for food:)

I ended up removing some smaller branches that I have used for additional sun protection for them. Oh they would have been pruned at some stage but I was aware of direct sun getting through to the nest so decided it should help them. Might help defelct rain if and when we ever get any!

Hope you enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Bonsai Oak Birdnest Images as Promised.

  1. Rick

    As a very new Bonsai owner, i find it amazing that new life can be created in something that is handmade. I hope they come back next year to your oak (a safe place to nest and maybe start a new generation ).

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