Update Birdnest in Bonsai Oak

No picture yet; I’ll try when madam nips out for some grub. The good news is it is 100% definitely a Thrush in residence and there are four eggs in total.

Since my first post (May 19th) she has been sat in there pretty much most of the time other than when I go in the display area once a day to water. Soppy bird flies out as I walk in with watering cans then back while I refill and off she goes again and so on until I am done.

Normally I work on the trees in-situ, but like the daft as a brush person I am, I’m trying to keep my visits down to just watering … so she can sit quietly on her eggs without disturbance. Hence, trees are looking overgrown and in need of work; but … Mrs Thrush is of equal importance, especially after honouring me by making a nest in my Bonsai Oak.

By my reckoning and research, the eggs should hatch around 14-21 days from being laid; (Unless an expert can advise me better … please!). My only reservation is the amount of time she leaves the nest while I water; in which case they may be eventually addled and fail to hatch … which would be a crying shame after all this malarkey.

I can’t bring each tree across to my workshop right now as I am only just nine days off the operating table getting my left shoulder sorted; I can barely lift a pint right now so a tree is out of the question.

Ahhhh, sharing life with the birds; and then they go and rip my small John Pitt log planting apart and smash up my home made FIMO snail … sigh 😦

The moment I can take a picture of the babies in residence I shall do so. Oh, and thank you for all the emails of support for both my shoulder and the Thrush. I decided to run this update rather than answering the plethora of emails from around the world; mostly about the Thrush progress I might add 🙂