Violet Accent Planting

I had this rather horrible looking small pot tucked away in the back of the cupboard, and thought … I know! One of the wild Violets growing in the stones within my display house. These spread for a pastime and I believe this started as a small piece given to me many years ago by my good friend Geoff Matthews; who in turn I seem to recall was given some by Dan B … or so I seem to remember.

Anyhow I believe it is (Viola riviniana ‘Purpurea’) which is commonly grown in gardens, shingle, gravel etc (usually misidentified as the Labrador Violet (Viola labradorica) It does spread for a pastime and I am forever giving it away. It makes a superb addition to a multi planted accent. The flowers are tiny and reasonably insignificant; the leaf however is wonderful.

So, out of the ground and into the pot a couple of weeks ago and it is growing beautifully now.

3 thoughts on “Violet Accent Planting

  1. Mike Jones

    🙂 Oh I cheated really Ian; should have put both on the one post but only remembered I did the Violet after I had posted. No, two posts for me in one day is a bit much 🙂 But then, they were only very small ones. Oh, just looked only one accent pot left……

  2. Jeez Mike, 2 posts in one day, you are getting as bad as me 😀

    That’s two nice accents, especially the yellow one on the other post. I have one of these little violets as an accent as well. If you have any more horrible pots in that cupboard, send them my way 😉

  3. don

    I didn’t realise thats what it was. Whenever i got to my daughters she’s always cursing this thing that grows like nobody’s business so maybe i’ll steal some and put it into a pot

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