On-going Saga of the Bonsai & the Bird Nest

Not wishing to bore you, I thought it only right and proper to update the situation with the nest in my Bonsai Oak just a few days on.

The birdy carried on building the nest, hour after hour, cocooning the debris to make it just so.  She has become fairly confident now, and continued making the nest as long as I did not get too close. I did my best to ignore her, and I feel Mrs Birdy reciprocated.

I was watering this evening and I noticed Madame Birdy disappear, so quickly chanced my arm to get a picture. I was not disappointed. Result of said snap can be seen below. So that has put paid to further pruning on my Oak for a while. Bless:) Right miffed really; I was going to advertise this Oak for sale; not much chance of that happening … not with sitting tenants … sigh.

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