Them Birds, Them Birds and My Oak

I wasn’t going to upload this, as I had shown my Deshojo some weeks ago complete with nest.

Well, after removing another nest on Friday morning, then another in the same spot on Saturday morning, then lo and behold when I look this morning they have only gone and built it again …. I give up. Tis empty right now but I shall keep my distance.

Hey what; who am I to say no when they seem so determined to build their nest in my Bonsai Oak tree; I’ve included a picture of the nest in the tree, and the mess they make when bits drop onto the soil 🙂

5 thoughts on “Them Birds, Them Birds and My Oak

    1. Mike Jones

      Which Jamie? Best of British or the local club show next weekend? if the latter I’ll need to wait until next week before answering 🙂 BoBB sadly I could not get the two trees ready in time.


    1. Mike Jones

      Hi Jamie

      Still very much not firing on all cylinders. I did not expect it to survive quite frankly, but it ha. Growth is very small and browning slightly on small parts. Around 30% of normal so unless it puts on some guts before winter it won’t survive.


  1. woohoo word’s got around in the bird community that they get free board and lodging at your place lol

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