Bark Cleaner

Seldom do I feel an item is worthy of absolute praise; or at least I loathe recommending something that I may still have an odd doubt about.

However, on this occasion I have no doubts whatsoever in recommending the Bark cleaner and Algae remover available from Graham Potter at Kaizen. Direct link here

The following text is credited to Kaizen.

‘Following three years of research and testing Kaizen Bonsai Ltd is pleased to introduce yet another amazing new product. Our Bark Cleaner and Algae Remover uses the very latest technology to solve the problem outlined above. By using the latest advances in micro surface technology our product harnesses the power of sunlight to lift algae away from the supporting surface, it then simply dries up and blows away. All you have to do is spray the area you want clean until it is evenly damp, put it in the sun and walk away, that’s it, no scrubbing or rinsing just a light spray and you’re finished. 

Unlike some algae removers such as sodium hydroxide, acids and toxic pesticides our product is very safe. 

Vapor free, non toxic and non hazardous to the user. 

Safe on wood, timber, ceramics, stone, glass and most plastics. 

Water based non corrosive 

Fully compliant with HSE 6830 

Easy ready to use spray dispenser. 

Very economical to use, a little goes a long way. 

Keeps bark clean for up to 6 months in most situations. 

Long storage life.’

End of reproduced text.

For once, I can truly say this product actually does everything that is claimed of it. I have mainly used it on deciduous trees but have also tried it on evergreens; but of course with the latter I have been fairly careful … just in case.

My Beech group which was as green as green could be, was simply sprayed all over, left in the sun for a couple of days and every single trace of algae was gone. In the past I have found also that the effects last! Only having to spray at the front end of the season. It is good value for money and goes a long-long way. I see Kaizen now have it available in one litre containers.

6 thoughts on “Bark Cleaner

  1. This is a great product and I have used it… however… I use a saline solution on my hawthorns and this works VERY WELL and cost the p[rice of three tea spoons of salt to a Litre of water

  2. Hi Mike,
    Sounds great, I was planning on getting a bottle. One question, some of my Larch have a nice lichen growing on the bark which helps age the look of the tree. Don’t suppose you know if this stuff kills it as well?

    1. Mike Jones

      Thus far Ian I have found it suitable for algae and general green tones only. You would need to test on an inconspicuous area first though; say near the back somewhere.


    1. Mike Jones

      No so sadly Don. With moss there is no substitute for physically removing … as indeed you should. Whilst it looks nice the bark underneath is slowly but surely rotting away.

      You could try an organic remover, but thus far I have restricted moss removal to gently scraping away. Once in direct sun it soon vanishes. trouble is every time you water it starts growing again.


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