Dug up an Escallonia Today

The wife decided she wanted an Escallonia removed today from in front of the main shrub bed. I started digging and the growth was getting on my nerves, so out with the loppers to get a bit closer.

As I chopped away I started to think there may be some mileage in this one as future bonsai material.

The main roots were extremely thick; somewhere in the region of 20-25mm. I had a quick look and got my long spade through to the tap-root and bingo, up it came.

Popped it in a bath of vitamins and stress reliever for an hour and have now wrapped it up in a plastic sheet. Tomorrow I will remove the thick roots and see what feeder roots are left. I’ll plant it into a plastic box (I’ve firmly run out of polystyrene boxes) and use a rich but free-draining medium.

I will update as progress and growth commences … I hope.

Plan is possibly to just keep the centre and carve the rest. I may turn into a small clump. It’s a case of suck it and see what happens over this next twelve months;-)

3 thoughts on “Dug up an Escallonia Today

  1. Steve

    Hi Mike,
    I have a large escallonia that has a great trunk. It has outgrown it’s garden spot. I am going to try to save it and get it eventually into a bonsai pot. Expecting very large roots though.
    Steve from California

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