4 thoughts on “Erin Accent Pots

  1. danbartonbonsaipots

    Hi Mike,

    Blue Mouse Ears is a beautiful miniature hosta, but is a very robust, ‘meaty’ variety with thick stems and leaves and may be a bit heavy for such tiny pots. Perhaps “Pandora’s Box” (a variegated hosta cultivar) might better suit the pots.



    1. Mike Jones

      Hello Dan

      Good to hear from you. Yes indeed, Blue Mouse Ears is actually classified as small rather than miniature so you may well be right. For once I am not aware of Pandoras box, so I must investigate. Not sure it is one Bowden or Bali-hai do so may need to search around.

      Thank you for responding, your comments are always so pleasing to receive. Happy Easter


  2. philp8

    Awsome pots…but then they are Erin so they would be awsome. Well done Mike two beautiful new additions. Have to say in loving them display slabs as well, very nice indeed, job well done 🙂
    IMO has to be a miniature Blue Mouse Ears Hosta in one of them pots, would set it off a treat 🙂
    Regards Martin.

    1. Mike Jones

      Hello buddy.

      Yep yer not wrong. Blue Mouse Ears (what a lovely name) is going in the more rustic of the pair:-)

      Take care


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