Nagasaki Crab Update

After just four weeks the Nagasaki is now fully into flower bud mode and several are already open. I anticipate by the end of this week the rest will be fully open.

Whilst there are many that frown when I repot during initial bud-break, I have found over almost thirty years, this particular tree thrives on being re-potted at this time.

This year was a particularly invasive repot and some 60% was removed with a full wash through which left a virtual bare-root situation. There was so little soil left it was not difficult to achieve.

The flower buds are mostly at the pink stage now and ready to turn white. All I will do is prevent the formation of fruit by a reduction amounting to removal of around 80% of the apples. Then through careful pruning I will wire selected new growth and do my best to keep leaf size down to  acceptable aesthetic limits.

I will update this post when all the flowers are open.

There will be further information and pictures of this particular tree under case histories very shortly.

March 31st 2011

What a difference a few days make! Around 60% of flowers are now fully open.

One thought on “Nagasaki Crab Update

  1. philp8

    Cant begin to tell you how much i love this Nagasaki Mike, what a stunner, and when its in full flower its going to be completely spectacular. Very much looking forward to regular updates on this one Mike.
    Real credit to you buddy, a very fine tree in your superb collection 🙂

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