Miniature Hosta Update

I mentioned in an earlier post – that I had purchased a selection of miniature (who decided it would be clever to have an ‘a’ halfway into that word?) Hostas from Bowden Hostas; a local run nursery here in the South West.

When I planted them up in a selection of accent pots, I decided not to show any images until I had leaf forms showing. However … such is the speed of growth, and the overall quality of the plants from Bowden, I’m amazed in such a short space of time how well they have responded.

Of course it could be down to my own utterly amazing recipe  for a soil medium, then again it may be the post potting care. Who knows?

So just a quick snap then of progress. And yes each variety is performing in the same manner. I even cheated a bit and very carefully split the roots that arrived from Bowden to create more than the few that arrived. Every single one has taken and are growing well. This particular variety is:


I ask you; who names these plants???

So from barely popping heads out of the soil to this;

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