Swindon & District Bonsai Winter Show 2011


“We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.”
Tao Saying

After a long drive there and back today, I have to say it was absolutely worth it! The Swindon & District show at the new venue must be considered a huge success, and I would also like to congratulate each and every exhibitor, the standard really has lifted the bar even further.

I happen to know next year is a tenth anniversary special, so I can only spend the next twelve months looking forward to another spectacular show.

As well as the trees and plenty of room to move, there were several trade stands, the balance of which seemed perfect; not too many, just right. So to highlight a selection … John Trott (Mendip Bonsai) was showing his handmade bronze figures, (oh for a bigger bank balance they are just gorgeous).

John Pitt Bonsai potter extraordinaire had with him a small selection of beautiful pots, which is refreshing because John tends to sell them as soon as he makes them! This writer had to bring two homeJ

Windybank and Lee Verhorevoort had some really excellent trees for sale. Every time I looked, yet another was being carried out by a proud new owner.

It was really busy, but managed to take a few pictures. Please enjoy them. The following are just a VERY small selection from the plethora on show.

2 thoughts on “Swindon & District Bonsai Winter Show 2011

  1. Hi Mike,
    Yes, it was a great show at Swindon on Sunday. Well supported and excellent trees. I took some photographs also and they are on the BonsaiWorld2011 facebook page. I will be putting an invite on the website for individuals to display trees at our show. Let me know if you are interested? Happy retirement – you probably wonder how you managed to fit in work!

    1. Mike Jones

      Hi Ginette, that looks a smashing event and with the ‘names’ have demonstrating it is an event not to miss for certai.

      Good luck

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