Bonsai Pots and Potters

I’m asked many times whose pots do I use for my Bonsai. Well, the truth of it is I use several makers, I of course have my favourites so felt it was right to share them with you.

The reason I use several makers is; I like some for certain Bonsai and then I find either size or shape or colour becomes a problem and hence need to look around.

The main difference between obtaining a Bonsai pot ‘off-the-shelf’ so to speak is cost. Oh sure not always, when comissioning a pot I need to usually sit down when told of the price because in all fairness much work does indeed go into making these bespoke pots.

Also bear in mind most of my collection are large trees which again equals a large pot. It is not every potter with a kiln large enough to make a certain pot for me. I suppose on average I am able to obtain ready made pots most of the time. What I will do is take the tree with me to a potter to better gauge his/her understanding of what I actually want. On occasions I have been guilty of not being able to see the wood for the trees … (sorry, no pun there intended).

When this happens I am really grateful for the suggestions and ideas a potter may have for ‘this’ particular tree. Anyway, listed below are some Bonsai pot makers that I am a particular fan of. In no particular order then:


China Mist

John Pitt

Dan Barton

Walsall Ceramics

Stone Monkey