Siberian Elm Shortlisted for BOBB 2011

This Siberian Elm is currently short-listed as an exhibit for the 2011 Best of British Bonsai. It is approx 60 years old and dimensions wise, 80cm tall.

The two pictures are shown in leaf and out. It has been pruned back hard today which will aid further ramification over coming months. It will be repotted in-line with all my other Bonsai over coming weeks.

9 thoughts on “Siberian Elm Shortlisted for BOBB 2011

  1. smallpots (Neil)

    Congratulations on having your Elm short listed Mike – This is a fantastic achievement.


    1. Mike Jones

      Thank you very much indeed. I think as time gets closer it is looking increasingly as if it has not made it through. I’ve not heard anything and I am aware that others have received emails confirming their trees have made it. Oh well, maybe in two years at the 2013 event.

      Fingers still crossed though.


  2. I really have enjoyed visiting your site! I found it clearly laid out, easy to use, and very informative. Special congrats on the quality of the photographs. I WANT THAT SIBERIAN ELM!

    John M.

    1. Mike Jones

      Thank you John, really-really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. It is early days and of course limited to what a wordpress site can offer, but I have lots more for future inclusion.

      Thank you again.


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