Siberian Elm Shortlisted for BOBB 2011

This Siberian Elm is currently short-listed as an exhibit for the 2011 Best of British Bonsai. It is approx 60 years old and dimensions wise, 80cm tall.

The two pictures are shown in leaf and out. It has been pruned back hard today which will aid further ramification over coming months. It will be repotted in-line with all my other Bonsai over coming weeks.

9 thoughts on “Siberian Elm Shortlisted for BOBB 2011

  1. Custin Gestaro

    Mike, this is one amazing tree. Having seen it I just wanted to say it will be the loss of the visitors to BOBB 2011. Maybe Mike they are using selection with a pin and a blindfold this year, could be wey over-subscribed. Jeez they are mad nor to select your most wonderful Siberian Elm.

    See you in Swindon all being well.


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