Juniperus Procumbens Bonsai

I’ll start with what was little more than a bush. Over the last two years I have started to change the appearance completely. This spring I have a Japanese cascade pot that I commissioned for this one to go into. It was in the big pot because the old one broke when it fell off the bench in the wind … sigh.

Also crack went the biggest branch, hence a change in direction. My friends at Wee Trees suggested further changes, and those suggestions have been taken on-board for the last picture. Much left to do, but Rome took a bit longer than a day:-)

4 thoughts on “Juniperus Procumbens Bonsai

  1. Lawrence Jehbmay

    WOW! What an amazing transformation. I would like to have seen a slightly clearer finished picture, but just a niggle. How ever did you see such a wonderful example in such a mess?


    1. Mike Jones

      Thanks, I have done further work and also will be repotting very soon into correct pot. Sign up to register for updates and not miss a trick!


  2. Fred Garner

    Hi Mike

    Are you going to let me buy any of your trees:-) Great site buddy, hope to catch you in Swindon.


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