4 thoughts on “Photography Getting Better …All-Be-It-Slowly

  1. Mike Jones

    Hello Jim

    Firstly apologies, I just saw s220 and went straight to the Nikon s220 and not the FF. I’ll put it down to age…sigh.

    I will be posting some photographs shortly that have been taken with my new DSLR a Canon 500D. I am learning new techniques for photographing Bonsai all the time. For me I like a black background but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a lighter one either.

    If you do use flash, diffusing with thin white paper or tissue (watch heat) or better still many camera shops or eBay have a myriad of diffusers available from just a couple of £ or $. They are very useful for reducing shadows down to almost nothing. Additionally you can or should be able to reduce the level of flash down slightly on your camera. Another idea is to use a tripod, turn all of the lights on, select an aperture (f) of around say 10 or 11 with a standard 28-55 lens, yours may be 18-40 or similar. The higher number will give you a smaller aperture and allow camera to select shutter speed, set the timer to a couple of seconds, focus up on live view, stand back and go for it. If it is slightly over-exposed reduce exposure levels down by say 1.3 (ish).

    Depending on the result when you upload to your PC, make notes on what settings you used. You now have two choices. Next time readjust camera settings or use a digital photo editing prog (many available free and simple to use).

    Setting the lens to around 50mm will give you a similar result to as you see it with your own eyes. It may be slightly different with your camera, you would need to trial and error the settings.

    It’s a baffling world this camera malarkey. I spent many years with SLR film cameras and then left it alone for a couple of decades. Sadly now I am getting on the memory retention is not as good as it could be, and hence I need to read and re-read, eventually I get it.

    Stand alone lighting is something to think about as is a hot show flash rather than the inbuilt one. This latter suggestion will give amazing results compared to the one in the camera.

    As soon as I can get a free couple of hours I will upload some new ones, in fact I’ll pop a couple up now that I consider have gotten better than my first attempt.

    Take care

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