Taunton Somerset Bonsai Show

Having been passionate about Bonsai for some 25 years now this was the first time I had ever exhibited trees. I joined the Taunton & Somerset club last month and was asked if I could supply some trees for the annual show….YIKES!

I keep my Bonsai looking nice but not always in what I consider ‘show-condition.’ So with just 48 hours I prepared 6 trees and assisted the members in setting up.

Anyway, sample pictures taken today of the show follow.

More to follow.

6 thoughts on “Taunton Somerset Bonsai Show

  1. Mike Jones

    Sad to say that was not one of my trees … never the less a beauty though. So often unless a Bonsai is world class pictures do not do justice. An Oak which was at teh show was superb and a world class tree (IMHO). The pictures though simply do not show it off as good as it is.

    My only claim to fame was via a visiting Bonsai Master (of much standing) who commented that my own Siberian Elm was ‘probably’ the best he had ever seen worldwide – which I take with a certain amount of humility. It is a large (ish) tree and one that I have worked hard to achieve the current shape and massive branch ramification. Have recently turned down a rather generous offer to sell it. Having worked the tree for 20+ years it is one of my favorites.


  2. Well Mike, how did you find the experience of exhibiting Bonsai? A lot of people in bonsai circles poohoo this sort of exhibit through some sort of elitism, but this is how you spread the word, and just maybe find a budding talent out there. Well done for taking part.

    1. Mike Jones

      Actually Ian I really enjoyed it. It was the first time in almost three decades I have ever shown some of my trees. I struggled to find suitable trees as most are very large and extremely heavy…so it was get six of the smallest together at short notice:-)

      Yes, I tend to agree, I do think there is much looking down noses at exhibiting at a local show such as this but hey-ho, I cannot compete with world Bonsai Masters anyway…not many of us can, thus shows like this give an insight…a realistic insight to the public on Bonsai. We signed two new members to the club which is excellent. To the majority of us, Bonsai is a passion, a darned enjoyable passion and we do our best. I am certainly no artist….well, that is not strictly true as I am inclined towards a Gin & Tonic or three:-) No, I do my best with passion and as much if not more enthusiasm that the day I started.

      Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for the true masters, but accept that my collection is as good as I can make it. I love Bonsai and almost everything it stands for… apart from the condemnation from those that are far better at it than I. I’m happy, friendly and will help anyone who asks, I’ll never be the best … but then so what, I have no problem with that.

      Shows like Taunton & Somerset are such fun to do and if I have regrets I wish I had joined them 26 years ago instead of keeping myself to myself. They are a wonderful bunch of people… much the same I suspect as many smaller clubs throughout the world.


    2. Mike, A healthy way of looking at bonsai, and one which I share.

      I meant to say how much I like the root over rock Trident at the show. The slanting rock and the way the tree clings to it caught my attention. Hard to get the right pot for it though. Not sure about the current choice, but then, what do I know 🙂



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