Kyodama replacement

When Kyodama no longer became available I started a search to find as near identical product as possible. My Pines had always thrived on 70% Kyodama so I wanted to repeat the success if possible.

After three years dismissing countless products I have actually found one which is better than Kyodama.

Phosphate and Nitrate free, it allows oxygen and nutrients to be stored for use when the tree requires it. Roots will actually grow through this product as with kyodama. Around half the weight of conventional grits it does not make the tree overly heavy.

Being (loosely) clay based it is completely lime free and studies thus far have been a big thumbs up. I’m just glad i found a product to take the place of Kyodama.

Pictured next to sifted but as yet ungraded Akadama.

4 thoughts on “Kyodama replacement

  1. Mike Zaladonis

    I’m very interested in this product you are testing for a kyodama replacement. I understand that you are in the testing phase but you are killing me with the secret. My trees would love to volunteer as test susjects too. If we promise not to file a class action law suit could you please share the name.
    Thanks, Mike Z

    1. Mike Jones


      Kyodama is now available again. Slightly different than last time around but never-the-less available. back to this product then.

      Consistency wise it is a lightweight grit. Slightly porous allowing nutrients and moisture to stick around in it. Without exception I have been ecstatic with the results and will now continue to use it. I found that during Winter when people lost so many trees 2009-1010 the grit here tended not to freeze badly.

      So for the benefit of everyone I am more than happy to share what it is. The product is known as Aquagrit and is sold by a company called underworld. I purchase large quantities from an alternative supplier and enjoy free delivery. It is not cheap, comes in a 15 kilo bucket and best of all is reusable.

      Like Dan Barton of many years ago in his book he experimented with plantings in 100% grit, I have tried 100% Aqua and as long as you water frequently they thrived.

      I buy it for £20 a tub delivered free, but I am uncertain if the supplier does it any-more hence I shall have to find another supplier. Chemist direct is where I obtained it from.

      Best grit I have EVER used.

    1. Mike Jones

      Indeed, I have only recently finished a trial of the product and wanted to be certain it is as good – and I can assure it is, and better. I have had a Beuvronensis (Scots Pine) in 100% of this grit for 12 months now and it looks excellent.

      I’ll post up details shortly.

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