My English Oak

At just over 1.3 metres, this is a big ‘Mother.’ Weighing in at almost 270lbs it is a mighty tree. Created from a collected Oak in the early 1990’s ( had said 1997 which was incorrect), in North Wales. Estimated age is around 50-100 years. It had been stunted quite naturally by grazing sheep.

I have purposely avoided the dreaded triangular look as (IMHO) the majestic Oak does not look right to me grown in the traditional Bonsai style. I have tried to emulate a fully grown 200ft tree in the wild, all-be-it a bit neater and tidier-:)

Far from finished, as in 2007 I removed every branch to start again. For that reason the lower levels have some thickening to do. It is quite normal with Bonsai to occasionally permit certain branches to just grow away. I am now letting the lower and mid branches grow wildly to thicken the branches whilst trimming the top.

2 thoughts on “My English Oak

  1. This is a remarkable tree. It looks wonderful. I have never seen an oak bonsi and I am amazed that it can be done. Admittably, I don’t know too much about bonsi, so may I ask how I could aspire to owning and caring for a tree like yours? Can this for instance be done from a saplin or does the tree have to be a deformed adult naturally?

    Thank you so much and well done.

    1. Mike Jones

      You could do it from a sapling but they are very slow growing especially in a pot at that size. Far better to collect a naturally stunted one from the wild with permission and then replant at least two saplings in its place. Tat way it keeps the harmonic balance going with nature.

      generally these type of Oaks have been nibbled over the years by sheep etc and are low to the ground. I removed all of the branches on this one around 6-7 years ago and started again, they will grow rapidly.


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